Thursday, November 28, 2013

5 Shorts You Must See at Blood in the Snow 2013


We're now just a day away from the start of the second annual Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival (Nov 29 - Dec 01). 

Even more exciting than the lineup of fantastic feature films is its diverse selection of horror shorts! But with so much talent on hand and so many shorts to choose from, how do you decide what to see? Well, if it's not possible for you to attend every screening, then definitely make sure you're there to watch these 5 MUST-SEE SHORTS

dir. David Dollard

screening before BLOODRIDERS: Saturday, Nov 30th @ MIDNIGHT

Featuring The Walking Dead-worthy special makeup effects by The Butcher Shop, Fodder takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where a gloriously hammy mad scientist in an underground bunker is developing a new weapon against the undead, using freshly captured humans as his guinea pigs. However, the tables are soon turned on this doctor demento when he abducts one hell of a feisty victim.

Director Dollard's blood-soaked slice of dystopian zombie insanity is a no-pretense, no-fuss, no-muss plunge into weirdness and horror sci-fi. 

4.) A Certain Kind of Monster
dir. Mike Moring

screening before THE GHOSTKEEPERS: Saturday, Nov 30th @ 4:00pm

During a violent rainstorm, a young runaway named Beth hitches a ride with an unusual man named Ben. Soon, she finds herself agreeing to go home with him. But what begins as a pleasant evening with a little electricity in the air becomes an erotically charged night of passion that, like a thunderclap, quickly and unexpectedly explodes into an unthinkable night of horror.

Despite a chunky first half that's bogged down by some even clunkier line delivery, A Certain Kind of Monster quickly rights itself and blasts off as a truly daring and dangerously sexy short. Star Jen Yarrow makes a tantalizingly tragic debut and bravely bares more than just her considerable acting chops. One of the best physically-acted shorts of the festival!

3.) One More For The Road
dir. Navin Ramaswaran

screening before CLEAN BREAK: Saturday, Nov 30th @ 9:30pm

Under the direction of the multi-talented Navin Ramaswaran, with a sharp, surprising, and venomous script by Kelly Michael Stewart, One More for the Road is a short with serious bite! It stars Lindsay Smith (In the House of Flies) and Jeff Sinasac (Clutch) as a troubled married couple on a road trip to rekindle their marriage and sex life. Not unlike an old E.C crime comic, however, a violent concoction of jealousy and bitterness soon takes these feuding lovers down a very dark road.

Fans of crime supsenstories are going to love this grisly yarn about a lover's quarrel gone horrible wrong. One More for the Road is an exciting and terrifying trip.

dir. Karen Lam

screening at the Shorts Showcase: Saturday, Nov 30th @ 7:00pm and Sunday, Dec 01st @ 2:00pm

In a weekly support group, four serial killers tell their stories of "addiction" and confess their transgressions, hoping for redemption and validation from their fellow predators. But all hell breaks loose when a newcomer decides to join in.....

Mixing black humour with a very serious criticism of misogyny, The Meeting features knock-out performances by an ensemble cast portraying some seriously disturbed individuals. A master of the bait and switch, however, director Karen Lam provides a twist that -- even if you see it coming -- is so sickeningly satisfying that you may begin to question your own morality.

dir. Gavin Michael Booth

screening with EVANGELINE: Friday, Nov 29th @ 7:00pm

How do you make a movie that's essentially two people in a room talking into something totally gripping? You give it to Gavin Michael Booth and he'll give you To Hell, With Love, a superbly written and acted dialogue piece that will have you guessing at ever twist.

Dr. Desai (Shawn Baichoo) is a desperate doctor attending to a seemingly amnesiatic patient (Sarah Booth), but nothing is what it seems. What are the purpose of the injections? Why is she tied to a chair? With each exchange of words, To Hell, With Love takes you farther and farther down a philosophically frightening rabbit hole. Expertly written, directed, and edited. One of the best shorts of the festival.


There were so many great shorts to choose from this year that we would be feel negligent if we didn't highlight a few of these other great films as well.

Tasha and Friends - screening at the Shorts Showcase: Saturday, Nov 30th @ 7:00pm and Sunday, Dec 01st @ 2:00pm
|| Toronto Premiere ||
dir. Greg Kovacs

Local children’s show host, Tasha, decides to shut the show down. Her puppet co-stars,
however, aren't ready to give up their spot in the limelight. Now her googly-eyed "friends" want to shut her down...permanently.

Lively - screening with DISCOPATH: Sunday, Dec 01 @ 7:00pm
|| Toronto Premiere ||
dir. Jay Clarke

While looking after a precocious young boy, Amy learns that a vicious serial killer has escaped from a nearby prison in this “babysitter in peril” tale. A great twist on the slasher formula!

Spookslayers - screening at the Shorts Showcase: Saturday, Nov 30th @ 7:00pm and Sunday, Dec 01st @ 2:00pm
|| World Premiere ||
dir. Mike Pereira

Three local ‘ghostbusters’ investigate the sudden disappearance of a young girl in their neighbourhood. Fans of 80s Euro horror will get a real kick out of the bloody final act.

Dead All Night - screening at the Shorts Showcase: Saturday, Nov 30th @ 7:00pm and Sunday, Dec 01st @ 2:00pm
|| Toronto Premiere ||
dir. Christopher Giroux

In the dystopian future, ex-special forces operative Gavin Green is freed from prison on one condition: infiltrate the lawless zone and stop a mad warlord and his gang of medieval-minded goons and neo-punks from detonating a doomsday device. 

Celebrate the best in indie Canadian horror with these films and more at the 2013 Blood in the Snow Canadian Film Festival. Get your tickets now for this awesome lineup of 100% Canadian terror.

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