Friday, March 28, 2014



review by Darrell Marsh

Directed by Chris Woods

Written by John Miller and Chris Woods

Starring Jules Sceiro, Bob Glazier, Cyndi Crotts


Amerikan Holokaust is very worth watching if you are a fan of the nasty stuff (as I am)

When I first heard about Amerikan Holokaust, all I heard was comparisons to Toe Tag's August Underground. After watching the film, I can honestly tell you that other than both being found footage films that centre around depraved serial killers, Amerikan Holokaust is a very different film.

It follows two Vietnam vet buddies Michael Mashburn (convincingly played by Jules Sceiro) and his former Lieutenant, delightfully demented Antwan "Twan" Mercer (Bob Glazier), who, in their free time, like to torture and kill young women. This story is loosely based on real life psychotic killing duo, Leonard Lake and Charles Ng, who created a dungeon in Lake's home to keep their victims and torture them over a period of weeks.

Now don't go into this film expecting the wheel to be reinvented. There really isn't anything that hasn't been seen before. That said, in Amerikan Holokaust the roles are well played, the gore gags are fun to behold, and in the end, we're even treated to an unexpected twist. All in all, The Sleaze Box comes through with a debut that left me anticipating what they'll come up with next (their second release "Make Them Die Sleazy" is now available). 

Amerikan Holokaust is the first release from The Sleaze Box and can be ordered at

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